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“A conservatorship is an option that legally authorizes a protector, who is known as the conservator, to make medical and financial decisions for another person, who is referred to as a conservatee, when they cannot make their own decisions because of mental or physical impairment.”


Who is a Conservator?

A conservator ensures that the conservatee’s physical needs are being saitsfied. The conservator may also manage the conservatee’s property. All decisions whether medical or financial are subject to court supervision and approval. Ordinarily, a conservator is a family member or a friend, and in some instances, a person selected by the court.

Be Aware of Potential Problems

Unfortunately, a problem arises when your loved one is not ready to admit that they have trouble making decisions. In this instance, some decisions are well reasoned while others seem out of character. Often times, they feel attacked or like you are trying to control them when you try to help them.

Another problem arises is when the person, who is making decisions for your loved one is not acting in their best interest. Often times, they convince your loved one that you are trying to control them or take their money.

Courts Can Intervene

In certain emergency situations, a court, on shortened notice, will appoint a temporary conservator who will make medical or financial decisions or stop a person from making decisions that are not in the conservatee’s best interest.

We Can Help

Do you have a loved one who cannot make medical or financial decisions because of mental or physical impairment? We can help.

No matter what type of situation you are experiencing, if you have a loved one, who is struggling to make or cannot make sound medical or financial decisions, please contact the Perryman Law Firm. We have a long history establishing conservatorships for people who cannot make their own decisions, contesting conservatorships brought for an improper purpose, or fighting for the appointment of a conservator, who will act in your loved one’s best interest.


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